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Pimple on Tattoo: Reasons and Possible Solutions

So, okay, having a tattoo is painful, healing can be stressful and how much more if you see a pimple on it.

There are many reasons why a pimple may appear on a tattoo, but you do not need to worry too much as there are ways to treat them. A pimple on tattoo may happen because of reasons such as:

Too Much Ointment!

This is one of the most common reasons, too much application of the ointment, may it be an ointment approved by your artist, can cause pimples.

By doing so, bacteria will build up, then will get inflamed and will turn to small pimples around your tattoo, your tattoo needs some time to breathe and covering it with too much ointment is not the right way to do it.

To add, too many products applied to the newly tattooed area may lead to negative reaction. Best to stick with the brand prescribed by your artist.

Bacteria initiated to the tattoo

The wrap got dirty, and you do not remove it immediately. Heat, when combined with bacteria, build up underneath can be a perfect environment for infection, hence resulting to outbreaks, pimples, redness around tattoo and swelling.

It is best if you:

Keep your wounds from any forms of bacteria exposure

Always clean your wrap or change them if possible

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Too much exposure to the sun, while tattoo is new, may cause skin burns and will, later on, lead to skin infection and then rashes and pimples.

The wound from needles can still be open and any UV rays may cause infection on your tattoo making it longer to heal.

It is highly encouraged that you keep yourself from the sun or better yet, clean and then cover your tattoo until completely healed.​

Sensitive Skin

If you have an acne prone or sensitive skin, expect pimples to appear on the area of your tattoo. Do not worry too much as just like the usual pimples you have had, it will disappear on its own.

Some may have allergies either on the ink or needles used; there are chemicals on the ink and needle that you do not know you are allergic to.

When you observe severe redness, rashes or swelling, it is best to seek professional help, to prevent any health risks.

Pimples itself is not as alarming if you will come to think of it, yet if it has something to do with allergic reaction, then you need to be a bit worried.​

Treating Pimple on Tattoo

Once you see them, do not panic, most of the time, they will all be gone in no time. It is just common to happen, yet there are ways you can do to treat them and send them away sooner:

Good hygiene

First on the list is proper hygiene, your tattoo artist would remind you of its importance. Make sure that you apply the ointment and moisturizer with a clean hand and cover the area with a clean wrap while on healing process.

Infection Cream
This is commonly prescribed by your tattoo artist or dermatologist. Visiting your dermatologist though is highly encouraged, so you know the best cream to use for your skin type, especially if your skin is highly sensitive

Home remedies

Cold packs

Place a clean cloth on top of the infected area, and then apply the cold pack for few minutes. You can do this anytime you feel any discomfort or pain due to a pimple.


This can completely help bacteria from spreading out

  • Using cotton, dab it in honey
  • Apply it directly to the infected area
  • Leave the honey for 10 minutes
  • Then rinse with warm water
  • If you notice improvements, do it daily

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One of the things you need to avoid when you see a pimple on your tattoo is to prick it. You should never do that at all. When this happens, you need to let it dry naturally or follow the simple remedies above.

If you are worried that these pimples can mess up your ink completely, unless you prick it, don’t be. It is nothing but usual because of the different reasons stated above.

On a Final Note

This should not make you panic; it should not give any negative result to your tattoo only if you let it go on its own.

The most common culprits are hygiene, weather and not following instructions, try to avoid them to have a pimple free tattoo.

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