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Is Olive Oil Good for Your Hair? 8 Reasons Why Olive Oil is the Perfect Solution for Hair Troubles

You have most probably heard of olive oil, and even used it in cooking. Over the years people have invented a catalogue of ways to utilize olive oil to their comfort.

The medicinal and beauty benefits of this kitchen staple have been lauded for as long as I can remember. With the astounding components that have been found in olive oil (including anti-ageing antioxides).

I can only wonder; is olive oil good for hair growth?

Can this multi-purpose oil be what you need to keep your hair loss in check? Can treating hair loss be the next great use for the marvelous olive oil?

Well, I have been at work digging so as to separate the facts from the myth, and I intent to answer all the above questions. I will take you through how to use olive oil and the various benefits of using it for hair loss and for hair health in general.

What makes olive oil so perfect for hair treatment?
Olive oil’s capability to restore hair health and strength makes this oil a good bet against hair loss. But what components make it so special?

Scientific studies on its composition have shown that it contains emollients such as squalene, palmitic acid and oleic acid; all of which have been accredited for having softening qualities.

In order for you to understand the importance of the components mentioned above, I will point out that many shampoos and hair conditioners have lab-made versions of these emollients.

1. Olive Oil as a Pre-shampoo Hair Treatment

Since time immemorial, olive oil has been utilized for hair treatment, with evidence linking ancient Egyptians with the preliminary use. This is probably because it gives the hair strength and health, making it look vibrant and attractive.

Is your hair so dry and brittle?

Do you lose too much while combing your hair? Then olive oil is your immediate solution. It will restore your hair’s health as it acts as hair food, hence ensuring that your hair looks as good as that hair you so admire on magazines and television. It coats each and every single hair strand, making your hair more resilient, softer and shinier.

2. Use Olive Oil to Decrease Dandruff

If you are plaque by dandruff, then you know how this undesirable condition can be uncomfortable.

It will leave you with a dry, itchy scalp that makes you keep on scratching your head, something that can hinder the growth and development of your hair.

There are many other undesirable concerns associated with dandruff, and hence finding the right response to dandruff is vital for your development.

Research has shown that applying olive oil on your hair and scalp generously every now and then moisturizes the scalp thanks to the hydrating squalene component in it.

It is more efficient if mixed in equal quantities with lemon juice.

Applying Receipt:

Take three tablespoons of olive oil and mix it with three tablespoons of lemon juice and three tablespoons of water
Gently massage into the scalp and leave for twenty minutes, then rinse thoroughly and shampoo
The mixture makes a good combination since the citric acid in the lemon juice loosens the dandruff while the oil moisturizes the freshly exfoliated layer of skin. This in return helps in reducing dandruff.

3. Stop Slit Ends

You have probably experienced dry hair especially at the end of the hair strands during the cold season. There are other many reasons in addition to cold dry weather that can lead to broken ends to hair strands.

If you don’t want to apply olive oil to your hair in entirety, you can just apply it to the last two inches of the hair that is damaged. This will save your hair from looking messy due to the split ends.

4. Inhibit DTH production

DTH is a hormone that’s the main cause of hair loss and hair thinning. There are many apparent ways to stop its production, but why not go the natural way?

Although not scientifically proven, studies have shown that olive oil may have components that inhibit the production of DTH hormones, hence helping in hair growth.

5. Make Hair stronger and shinier

The hair-strengthening properties in olive oil can be attributed to the vitamin A and E, as well as antioxides which have been proven to add a certain persistence to hair. All these elements promote the growth of hair and hence make olive oil perfect for hair growth.

Get a few drops of olive oil on your palm and rub together before applying on your hair, from the base and the scalp to the end of the strands.
Take time to ensure that all the hair has got olive oil.
Rinse after 15 to 20 minutes.

6. Control Hair Frizz

If you have thick curly hair, then you understand what it feels when the frizz factor kicks in. Olive oil can control your hair frizz; it is vital to ensure that you don’t apply too much olive oil in your hair such that it looks oily or it leaks on to your clothes.

To achieve the correct balance, pour a couple of drops on your palms and gently rub together before rubbing over your hair evenly.

7. Adds Softness

Olive oil will not only leave your hair looking good, but also feeling great to the touch. It adds silicone that is necessary for your hair to look (and feel) naturally soft.

It has worked for my hair as well as for the few people I have suggested it to, so it will more likely than not be a success for you too. Why not try it?

8. Remove Paint from Hair

Did your hair look like it was being used as the painting brush in your latest paint job? Some of you may think that shaving the hair is the only option; but alas, there is olive oil.

You don’t even have to go for that non-organic (mineral) paint removing liquid that will most probably destroy your hair and leave it with a not so inspiring smell.

Just moisten a cotton ball with ample olive oil and gently stroke the hair strands lined with paint with it

The oil does a marvelous job at removing the paint and has no undesirable side effects

How to Use Olive Oil for hair

Getting the best out of olive oil requires proper and timely application. There therefore needs to be a step by step procedure to guide you in making the most out of olive oil for the benefit of your hair. I have taken the liberty of publishing the procedure that has worked so well for so many people in the past.

  • Warm about half a cup of olive oil (just warming, don’t boil). You can use a microwave to do so
  • Pour a couple of drops on your alms and rub together to obtain a uniform film of oil
  • Apply generously to your hair, beginning at the roots and continuing until you have covered the whole of your hair
  • Wrap your hair in a shower cap (or its equivalent, like a plastic paper bag) and wrap a towel over it. This works to retain heat in the olive oil
  • Let it stay this way for around 45 minutes then unwrap, shampoo and rinse thoroughly


Growing up I was always told to share, and that probably explains why I felt I had to share this probably life changing experience.

Did you enjoy it? I hope you did because I enjoyed delivering it to you. If it was helpful to you, don’t keep it to yourself, share with your friends and family. Don’t forget to leave your comments below.

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