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The Best Underwear for Pregnant Woman in 2021

When you’re pregnant, you want to be as comfortable as you possibly can. One of the biggest changes you’ll make to your lifestyle is your wardrobe, and this includes your underwear.

You want your underwear to keep you comfortable as your body is growing and changing. There are many different options for maternity underwear on the market, and since you can’t try them on, it can be difficult to know which options are the most effective.

In this article, we’ll review the best underwear for pregnant women.

Best Underwear for Pregnant Women​

There are tons of places where you can find underwear for maternity. However, there are some brands that stand out for the amazing quality of underwear that they offer. Here are some of our favorite options for underwear for pregnant women.​

1. Intimate Portal Women Under the Bump Underwear

Intimate Portal Women Under the Bump Maternity Panties Pregnancy Underwear

These cute and comfortable underwear sets are ideal for any pregnant woman who wants to be stylish during pregnancy. They come in a pack of five, so you get real value when you buy this set.

They are made of 95 percent cotton and a full cotton lining, with 5 percent spandex for a bit of stretch. There are eight different color combinations to choose from, so you can opt for everything from basics to brights.

The cut of these panties are ideal for any pregnancy, because they are cut in a low crossover style in the front, but come up higher in the back to keep you completely covered.

The waistband stretches out easily, so there’s no uncomfortable folds or bumps. The inner lining of the underwear is cotton to prevent yeast infections, and they are also all light colors so you can easily detect any spotting.

Although these panties feel delicate, they are durable and can be washed in the machine.​


  • Extremely comfortable and breathable fabric
  • Tons of color choices


  • High cut in the back may be too much if you like to wear low-rise pants

2. Giftpocket Women’s Under the Bump Healthy Underwear

Giftpocket Women's Under Bump Maternity Panties Healthy Underwear

These underwear are comfortable and healthy to wear throughout your pregnancy. They are made with a blend of 95 percent cotton and 5 percent spandex, with a full cotton lining.

The thing that stands out about this product is that not only are they made with a healthy cotton material to prevent yeast infections and other problems, but they are also completely eco-healthy.

They have passed the Oeko-Tex Standard 100, with no AZO and no phthalates.

These underwear come in seven different color combinations, all of which are bright and fun to boost your mood during pregnancy.

They have a crossover design in the front to stretch and accommodate your growing belly, but have full coverage in the back. You do need to consult the sizing chart when purchasing, but they fit very well throughout the entire pregnancy.​


  • Extremely comfortable design
  • Very safe and eco-friendly to wear


  • Sizes are not standard, must consult the sizing chart when purchasing
  • No neutral colors available

3. Intimate Portal Under the Bump Maternity Cradle Briefs

Intimate Portal Women Under the Bump Maternity Cradle Briefs Pregnancy Underwear

If you prefer a full brief style to the typical low crossover style offered in many maternity underwear packs, then these are for you. They have a higher waistline than other types of maternity panties, but they are cut to expand to fit your belly as you grow.

The nice blend of 95 percent cotton and 5 percent spandex provides both comfort and stretch as you grow. The leg holes on these briefs are designed to stretch, so you don’t need to worry about any tightness there either.

They also sit well under many different types of clothes without bunching up, which is a common problem with brief-style underwear in particular.

As with other Intimate Portal products, they come in a variety of different colors to suit your preferences. They include neutrals, pastels, and brights, so you have many options.

Customers find the sizing to be accurate in most cases, and the fabric and cut are very comfortable on the skin as your body grows.​


  • Unique full-coverage design
  • Comes in many different colors


  • Some find the underwear stretches out after a certain number of wears

4. Intimate Portal Stay Fit Under the Bump Maternity Cotton Panties

Intimate Portal Women Stay-Fit Under the Bump Maternity Pregnancy Cotton Panties

These bikini panties have a unique cut that is particularly effective for the later months of your pregnancy. They have a very supportive and strong waistband that sits right under your bump and expands to fit your body as it grows.

The leg holes and back of the panties are a bit more accommodating than other cuts of maternity underwear, so you feel less constricted.

The underwear is made from cotton with five percent spandex for stretch, and is highly durable for machine washing. There are six different color combinations available, and each comes with a good blend of neutrals, bold colors, and pastels.

The fabric on these panties is quite thick and durable, particularly on the waistband. This means they provide tons of support for your belly, although if you are used to wearing thinner underwear this can be a difficult change to get used to.

Like many other types of pregnancy underwear, the sizing can be a bit confusing, so it’s important to consult the sizing chart.​


  • Supportive and durable cut that is great for later in pregnancy


  • Non-standard sizing
  • May show through clothing because of the thick fabric

5. Belevation Women’s Maternity Shapewear Mid-Thigh Pettipant

Belevation Womens Maternity Shapewear Mid-Thigh Pettipant

These underwear are a bit different than the other pairs we’ve reviewed here. They are shapewear, which means they provide support for your belly from the mid-thigh all the way up to your waist.

This helps you feel nice and supported, and creates a nice line under clothing too. They are very stretchy, as they are made from nylon and spandex.

However, it is important to be aware of the fact that they are not cotton. You may want to alternate these with cotton underwear to stay healthy.

This pair of shapewear is very comfortable and prevents chafing or bunching because of the unique cut.

They feel very soft and are a particular favorite to wear under dresses in the summer. The material is also not too thick, so it’s ideal for very hot days outside.​


  • Ideal for dresses and summer wear
  • Comfortable, stretchy, and supportive


  • Won’t work under every outfit
  • Don’t contain cotton

What to Look For in Maternity Underwear

You may be tempted to just buy the next size up in your favorite pair of non-maternity underwear, but there are a few specific things you should look for in maternity underwear.


you should look for underwear that is specifically cut to accommodate the pregnant belly

Maternity underwear is cut so that the waist will sit under your baby bump, so you can continue to wear them as your bump grows.

You won’t remain the same size throughout your pregnancy, so it’s important that you have something that accommodates you as your body changes.


Another important thing to look for is comfort. You’ll likely be a bit more sensitive during your pregnancy, so it helps to have underwear that is extremely comfortable.

You’ll want to look for pairs that don’t have any itchy trim and that sit on your hips without moving around.

Cotton fabric is a plus, because it is very breathable and is the best for absorbing sweat. Cotton will also help prevent yeast infections, which are more common during pregnancy.​


You’ll want to look for durability and style. As with any other pair of underwear you might buy, you’ll want your maternity underwear to be very durable, with sturdy fabric that won’t tear or rip easily.

You’ll also want to look for a style you like…

Just because you’re pregnant doesn’t mean that your taste in fashion has changed!

There are many different cuts of maternity underwear, ranging from briefs to thongs, so you should look for a pair that you really love.​

pregnant woman next waterfall

Why Do I Need Specific Maternity Underwear?​

You might be tempted to buy underwear that isn’t made specifically for pregnancy, but you would be doing yourself a disservice. There are a few reasons why you should buy maternity underwear.

The first is that maternity underwear is made to be worn through your entire pregnancy, not just one stage of it.

If you buy non-maternity underwear in a bigger size when you start to grow, you’ll find that you outgrow that pair quickly and will continue needing to buy new ones.

This is not only a hassle, but it will also cost you lots of extra money that you don’t need to spend.​ Maternity underwear is just more comfortable for the pregnant body than non-maternity underwear.

Pregnancy is a wonderful time, but it can also be a time full of discomfort. You’ll want to do everything you can do reduce this discomfort, so you should invest in maternity underwear to keep yourself and the baby happy.​

pregnancy-happiness having baby tree


With so many great options for maternity underwear, it can be difficult to make a choice. Go for the option that makes you feel the happiest and most comfortable depending on the cut.

Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to the cut of their underwear, so it is nice to have so many options.

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