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Can You Use Shampoo as Body Wash? – A Quick Guide on Today’s Shampoo

In the recent times, convenience is one of the most apparent things being look upon by many people.

Although convenience can be a huge factor especially on purchasing and shopping for products, there are cases that you may put yourself at risk.

One good example of this is when people intend to use their hair care products to their body just to save costs. Many people believe that shampoo is somewhat similar to body soaps and washes.

Hence, the question of “Can you use shampoo as body wash?” arises.​

While a lot of people defend that using shampoo to their bodies is as effective as to using body soap, the facts behind shampoo and hair care products will clearly tell you if it’s really worth a try.

Yes, it can be very convenient for your purse and time for shopping but is it really worth it?​

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Shampoo is “Soapy”

As per Dr. Benabio, the person behind the The Derm Blog: “Using shampoo as an alternative to your body wash and soap can be really a bad idea”.

One reason behind is that shampoo is too soapy for your skin. The term soapy can be a bit confusing but know that the contents of shampoos are far too different from the ones you can find in soaps.

By and large, shampoo has a compound that issurfactant chain-like. This is also known as ammonium lauryl sulfate which has a very important role for taking good care of your hair.

It is essential for you to note that human hair needs to have enough minerals and oil to sustain its health and shine.​

Subsequently, soap has an ingredient that works as a breaker of fats and oil droplets. The breakage of fat and oil droplets is important to get rid of the dead skin cells.

In parallelism, using shampoo may not be as effective as soap since one of the main roles of shampoo is to retain essential oils and fats.​

In addition, shampoo may cause dryness, irritation, and dullness of the skin. If you want to know more about the ingredients being used in producing shampoos, here is a great tool that you may want to check.​

Shampoo is Acidic

In actuality, shampoo are slightly acidic than most bath gels and body soaps. The acidic pH of shampoo is intended to keep the cuticle of the hair smooth.

In line with this, it is a common knowledge already that using skin care products that are acidic and not adequate with the appropriate pH is very bad for the skin.​

Shampoo is Likened to Detergents​

Although soaps and body washes can be related to detergents around today, shampoo is much more similar to detergents.

Apparently, shampoo has detergents in their ingredient which is why shampoo is considered to be very effective as a substitute for detergents and dishwashing liquids.​

Imagine yourself washing your body with detergent, right?

You know for sure this will cause a lot of possible risk to your skin. According to Daily Mail of UK, shampoo has a quite a lot of use. Experts say that you may use shampoo to clean your househould appliances and kitchen tools.

towel essential oil

So, How Can You Use Shampoo As Body Wash then?

There is a good reason why shampoo and soap is invented separately. They have their own purposes and they seemingly appear to work differently.

In totality, it is not very advisable for you to use your shampoo or hair care products as a substitute for your skin care needs.​

Using shampoo as a body wash may harm your skin:​

It may cause irritation due to high acidity

Shampoo can make your skin dull and dry

Final Thought

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