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How to Get Rid of Tiny Black Spots on Skin in 4 Weeks?

One of the most apparent skin problems that is largely experienced and encountered by most of us today is the tiny black spots that are usually caused by too much exposure to the sun.

By and large, if you happen to be a “sun-lover” and tend to spend most of your time being exposed under the sun, your melanin in the skin increases due to the escalation of the melanocytes cells.

That is one reason why these black spots are often known as sun spots. And to tell you honestly, they are very much difficult to remove that some tend to resort in laser treatments that may cost actually a fortune.

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So.. how do we get rid of these easily?

In the recent times, there are a lot of skin care products being made available in markets. However these products are basically manufactured and produced using different chemicals which are generally considered to be harmful as well.

So, what do we do now?

Well, the best way of solving this kind of concern is by using natural ways which are more convenient, effective, and efficient, not to mention they are much more inexpensive.

Isn’t that good news? Consequently, among these natural remedies – lemons and its extracts are the most essential solution to this kind of skin concern.

What You Will Need

Usually, a lemon or specifically its extract is intended for an average use which may last a day which may be used twice or according to the number of dark spots and the severity or condition which may last only for one use.

But this is what I prefer since this will save you much more and could last up to three to five use depending on the situation:

  • 1 lemon
  • 10 ml distilled water

Another alternative you could use as well which enables you to produce a paste instead of a watery mixture:​

  • 1 lemon
  • Table Sugar
  • Olive Oil

Materials and Equipment you need

  • Spoon or Spatula
  • Squeezer (Optional – since you may squeeze lemons using your bare hands!)
  • Small bowl
  • Small bottle


1. Creating the mixture

The very first thing you have to do is squeeze the lemon until the juices are all extracted. It will be dependent on your preferences if you are to use a squeezer or not when extracting the juices. Also, you may want to remove all the seeds for a more efficient use.

Option 1: Adding 10ml of Distilled Water

As I have mentioned, adding distilled water is what I prefer since this will enable you to save more costs and time preparing new mixtures since adding water will produce much more mixture.

In addition, extracts of lemon may cause stings to your skin, adding water will lessen it.​

Once you have squeezed all the juice, add straightforwardly the water and mix thoroughly using a spoon or spatula.

A small bottle will suffice for the produced mixture since there will be a possibility that you won’t consume it all in one use.​

Option 2: Adding Table Sugar and Olive Oil

If you want a sticky paste or a scrub-like kind of mixture then this is the right alternative for you.

Once you have extracted all the seeds and juices of the lemon, add enough table sugar to make it sticky and creamy enough to be used as a scrub.​

Consequently, add few drops of olive oil for a more thorough paste mixture. Know that olive oil has substances as well that are very much essential to the skin.​

2. Apply to skin

When you are already settled with the mixture, apply a small amount on the skin or areas of your concern gently.

Now, note that if you are opting for the first option (lemon juice only) – then you have to apply it twice a day but be sure that your skin can handle it.

If it stings, refer to the second option: add water!

On the other hand, if you are opting for the paste or scrub-like mixture, it is recommendable to apply it twice or thrice a week only.​

3. Leave, rinse, and dry

Once you’re done applying the mixture efficiently on your areas of concern, leave it for 30 minutes so that your pores will gulp all the nutrients of the mixture.

Afterwards, rinse with cold water and make sure you leave no marks behind. Consequently wipe your face gently until your face is dry using a soft-textured towel.​

Clean and Clear

Ultimately, following all of the recurring steps and procedures will enable you see the improvement week after week.

Although this is very much a straightforward thing to do, it will still help you note that you have to be very careful and sensitive with your skin and I want you to succeed in this journey since I myself had a hard time handling dark spots and different skin concerns.

If you have tried this already, share your experiences and insights at the comment section so that everyone could see the effectiveness of this solution.

Moreover, you could share this to your loved ones and friends who are experiencing as well this kind of issue.

What are you waiting for? Try to do it now and see the wonders of lemon juice!​

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