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What Does A Physical Therapist Assistant Do?

If you’re going to make something in life supporting your family, you’re simply going to require a career during today’s time. Bouncing back and forth from part-time jobs simply won’t abide.

If you are looking for a career that will not only put food on your family’s table but a career that will impact others while letting an individual get out from behind desks, an individual should consider PTA assistant career.

If you like taking care of others as well as giving them encouragement that they require to get better then this could be the perfect career for you.

However, before you decide if the career is right or not, you have to understand fully what PTAs role will pertain:

Making Observations

Many people think that a PT aide job concerns focus on an injured individual limb movement.

Sure, this will be a huge part while working but an individual is also going to spend a lot of time observing the sessions. You will have to observe each individual as well as take crucial notes on how they’re progressing throughout their therapeutic sessions.

This will help you as well as the supervisor determine the next best step for your injured individual recovery.


Just because an injured person is leaving recovery sessions it doesn’t necessarily mean that recovery journey is done.

As a PTA, you will be tasked in making sure patients under your care as well as families understand what exercise and stretch an injured person need be doing at home in order to continue working towards their rehabilitation.

In addition to this, you might be required while answering any questions that the sick or related members have about such treatments.

Therapeutic Massages

Any New York physical therapy clinic is going to offer their injured persons therapeutic massages. This is where PTAs come in handy.

PTAs will be required to use a wide range of techniques to assist injured individuals to regain use of limbs or speech.

Therapeutic massages are unique massages that not only help restore motion ranges, but aides can also relieve pain, decrease muscle tension, as well as increase overall blood flow to certain body parts. All these things are critical to the healing process.

Ultrasound Therapy

When most people hear the world ultrasound they tend to think of pregnancies. Sure, this is one way that ultrasound technology is used, but it’s used in another way.

As a PTA you need to be in a position to use such technology. Ultrasound therapy is unique and can provide a number of benefits as it releases sound waves that can increase blood flow, loosen tissue, and minimize swelling.

Dealing with Prosthetics

Many people associate physical therapies field with sports injuries, but this is not also the case.

Sure, you might find yourself working with a number of athletes that are sustaining sports injuries, but PTAs also assist amputees.

As a PTA, you will play a key role in rehabilitating amputees and teaching them to use their prosthetic devices in the most effective manner possible. leg reflexology

Clerical duties

PTAs answer calls directed to supervisors. PTAs set timetables to be followed within weeks, months or yearly. Thus ensuring there’s order in the PT department.

Anybody can pursue careers in being a therapist aide but it requires education and much more so as achieving the best in this field becomes a reality.

Since the duties involved are hard especially to those with accident casualties’ phobia.

Therefore, some personal traits or qualities are needed for best output pertaining to this field.

Here are some traits a PTA must have:


Individuals who love assisting people undergoing through tuff predicaments, empathizing with their situation, patients don’t need sympathy because it makes them feel guilty or unfortunate.

Let the love of helping be the driving force coming from within you. Many people look at the monetary side in careers but fail to realize that doing what you love and is right is better than high salaries with little happiness.

Detail oriented

A PTA should have organized details concerning patients. He or she should possess medical history records on patients undergoing therapeutic sessions.

They should be in a position to follow guidelines laid out by supervisors. It’s vital because it assures an injured person will receive quality therapeutic care.

Interpersonal skills

The career requires an individual who is courteous and welcoming. They interact with a lot of personnel starting with injured persons proceeding to their family members.

They should ensure they aren’t short tempered. This creates room for understanding as well as patience in each session.

Hand on

PT aides should ensure readiness while working with their hands at all time. Their career requires an individual to prepare therapy tools and set up therapy areas.

During a therapy session, aides will assist an injured person in stretching body joints slowly without causing sick persons extra pain than what they are going through.

After learning the various roles stipulate in this career a person should meet the set requirements including:

A certificate: It needs to be attained from a recognized certified college. It’s crucial in filtering out quark PTAs who might risk the life of a patient. Human life is sacred and should be protected from harm.

A license from a medical board: Thus ensuring the legality and in case of any gross misconduct, the license is withdrawn. It ensures there is accountability, therefore an individual will be keen and avoid lawsuits.

There is no need to worry, by asking where one can get a PTA job. One can get internships in government or private hospitals, licensed physician, personal trainers to celebrities, occupational therapeutic centers.

After successful training, an individual may be employed and continue with their career.


Accidents are inevitable. When one gets injured they might lose functionality of their legs, hands or speech. This has resulted in increased demand for PT assistants.

Aides come to encourage injured individuals to pursue therapy so as to be dependent after therapeutic sessions.

The career brings fulfillment within individuals as he or she has taken part in making someone else’s life better.

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