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What to Know about Ovulation Pain on Both Sides

Ovulation is one of the phases during menstrual cycle wherein the egg is released from either the left or the right ovary.

Women tend to experience several signs and symptoms during this period. Noticeable pain may be one of the typical signs of ovulation.

However, the pain felt on both sides might be an indication of other health matters


Ovulation pain on both sides means that the left and right ovaries are trying to release matured egg during the same ovulation period. Others call this condition as bilateral ovulation.

Some of the possible reasons leading to pain in both ovaries during ovulation may involve the follicles.

Developing follicles may this issues. This may result in the expanding ovary brought about by the increased follicle size. This means that both the left and right ovaries house a follicle with one or more matured eggs.​

Ruptured follicles may also be another cause of ovulation pain. The pain is brought about by the bursting of the eggs through the ovarian tissues. This condition may bring slight bleeding during the ovulation period.​

Other possible reasons may include ovarian cyst, pelvic inflammatory disease, fibroid, kidney stone, constipation, and appendicitis.​


Several treatments may be done to address the issue on ovulation pain on both sides. This may vary depending on the intensity of pain experienced.

For those experiencing mild and dull pain:

A hot bath may help relieve the uneasiness and discomfort. Over the counter pain, killer drugs may also be bought and taken. Ibuprofen and paracetamol can be taken in low dosage to immediately get rid of the pain.

However, this is not recommended for women trying to get pregnant as it may cause problems.​

For women experiencing extreme and intense pain:

Consult a doctor to determine the root cause of the pain. This will allow better pain management and the best medication possible.​

Natural remedies can also be considered. This will give an effective, fast, and immediate relief for the pain.


Women suffering from this pain may take daily supplementation. The supplement is usually composed of herb oils and vitamins. Primrose herb is a common choice

Herbal supplements also help in promoting the menstrual process which affects the pain during ovulation. In order to increase the effectiveness of the herbal infusion, this should be taken daily.


Aromatherapy is a direct topical alternative for ovulation pain on both sides. This procedure uses herbal essential oils such as basil and lavender.

The oils are mixed with base or lotion and are rubbed or massaged near the abdominal area. This alternative is best done on the eighth to the twelfth day of the menstrual cycle or as necessary.


Homeopathic medications can be given in certain amounts to women suffering from pain. The doses can be repeated if the pain and the symptoms continue through time. This process can be done with a warm compress for better relief from pain.


The heating pads will help lessen the ovulation pain experienced by most women. This is an excellent treatment for muscle aches and pain.

However, careful attention should be given as the heat may increase the risk of damaging or harming the eggs.


Drink lots of water and other liquids to keep one hydrated at all times. The dehydration may increase the risk of cramping pain caused by ovulation.

It is highly recommended to drink at least six to eight glasses of water every day to lessen the pain felt due to ovulation.


A teaspoon of apple cider vinegar added to a glass of lukewarm water can help relieve the pain.

This works by helping out the digestive system and decreasing the symptoms of bloating or air present in the stomach. Drops of honey can be added for a more desirable taste

Final Thought

Ovulation pain on both sides should be properly addressed and managed. Careful attention should be given especially to recurring cases as it may worsen the problem leading to a more critical condition.

The natural remedies can be applied for immediate relief from aches and pains. However, medical attention should still be considered to get the best possible medications.

Learn to be vigilant about the changes that occur in the body. Take down notes and observations as to properly monitor the issues. Know the body and the changes that occur and happen within for better management and supervision.

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