“My Eye Won’t Stop Watering” – Tips on How to Stop It

You're done watching Titanic for the nth time and you swear that you are in your happiest state. How come your eyes are watering even if there is nothing to cry or be sad about?

Don't worry. This happened to me few times as well and just like you, I am curious why my eye won't stop watering. I was worried at first, and then later on, I realized that watery eyes could be managed.

Do you want to know the reason why? Make sure you stick around.​

Various Reasons Why My Eye Won't Stop Watering

1. It must be the glands

Meibomian glands or the glands in the eyelids secrete oily substance to slow down the evaporation of your tears in between blinks.

When these glands are not functioning well, it could lead to dry patches in your eyes. This causes production of more tears; otherwise, your eye area becomes sore.

2. Too much tears are produced.

There are a couple of reasons why your body produces too much tears. It's either your tear ducts can't drain all the tears produced or the front surface of your eye is inflamed because of an infection or ulcer.

3. Then, there is blockage

Blockage in the plughole where tears are drained can be due to cold, mild infection, or plugholes no longer attached to the eyeball, which is common in older people.

4. Blame it on the weather

The cold and windy weather tends to irritate the eyes. This causes the meibomian glands to produce more tears to avoid irritation.

Apart from these four culprits, other causes of watery eyes are:

  • Allergy
  • Viral infection known as conjunctivitis
  • Eye irritation
  • Eyelids that roll inwards
  • Contact lenses

Tips on How to Manage Watery Eyes

Perhaps, your next point of concern is whether or not you can manage watery eyes. The good news is yes, there are treatments available to stop your eyes from watering excessively.

Here are some of the remedies you can try:​


You know that the weather could make you tear, regardless of any medical issues. Every time you head out, make sure you have eye protection with you such as shades or goggles, depending on the weather.

Protective eye gear will prevent your eyes from getting dry or getting exposed to foreign objects; thus minimizing the need to produce more tears that could lead to watery eyes.


Lubricating eye drops could help ease the symptoms and discomfort brought by watery eyes. You can get your supply over-the-counter from drugstores for instant relief against watery eyes.

In case watery eyes connote something serious, your doctor will recommend specific eye drops for your condition, so make sure you get one.


There is something comforting about warm cloth, especially if watery eyes are your issue. This is also one of my go-to, quick solutions when my eye won't stop watering.

To do this:

  • Soak a clean washcloth in warm water
  • Squeeze excess water then place the cloth on the affected eye for five minutes
  • Consequently, gently massage eyelids with the warm cloth still on top. This will help loosen any material that could block your eye glands

You can do this whenever you need quick relief for watery eyes.


Contact lenses are also among the culprits for watery eyes. If your eyes start to water every time your lenses are on, then remove them right away. Aside from watery eyes, they could also prevent eye drops from providing relief.

Make sure to keep them clean and never wear them when going to sleep, taking a shower, or going for a swim.


In some cases, watery eyes could be due to conjunctivitis, eye irritation, or allergy.

In case of allergic reaction, antihistamines with diphenhydramine or allergy pill could reduce watery eyes. This pill is taken every four to six hours for relief. You might experience drowsiness as well, so make sure you time your intake.​

If watery eyes are caused by conjunctivitis, antibiotics can be your best solution. Tobramycin is the most common antibacterial eye drop that treats watery eyes caused by infection. One drop twice a day is enough to eliminate infection.​

Make sure to use suitable cosmetic for your eyes and skin

how to keep your eyes healthy

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Keep in mind that watery eyes indicate certain conditions that require appropriate solutions. The treatment options enumerated could stop eyes from watering, but in some cases, it could require operations or surgery.​

What you should are:​

  • Schedule an appointment with an optometrist to determine the real cause of watery eyes
  • Follow prescribed treatment for relief
  • Keep your eyes protected for better eye health

You can do this whenever you need quick relief for watery eyes.

Got some questions? Leave them on the comments section below.​

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