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How to Use a Reed Diffuser in 4 Easy Steps

Reed diffusers have become a trend today. And learning how to use a reed diffuser will be a great tool for enhancing the fragrance and ambiance of your home. Aside from the fact that they are safe, reed diffusers work efficiently.

Apparently, many residential owners are wondering whether reed diffusers are challenging to use and keep. The truth is using them is as easy as 1 2 3. And since there are quite a lot of reed diffusers today in the market, this guide will help you know how to use a reed diffuser.

What You Will Need​

As a new user, I have experienced many questions when using reed diffusers. But as soon as I learned and managed to know all about the product, I realized that there is nothing to worry about them. Here are the things that you will need:


Any small glass or container will do. But the best ones that I recommend are ceramics and glasses. These types of materials work best with the fragrance oil.

Nevertheless, any pleasant container or vessel that won’t make any leaks will do.


Today, you could encounter different kinds of reeds. As per Glass Paradise, you could see brands and stores who sell reeds that are made from bamboo and shishkabob skewers.

These are okay as they are usually focused on designs and shapes. But in my own experience, I would rather suggest Rattan reeds.

Rattan reeds are the most efficient and effective type of reeds. For optimal diffusion, Rattan is the best. Its structure allows the oil to travel up to the outer end of the stick for a better diffusion.


The same is true for fragrance oil. The selection of oils is very wide on the market. You could see different kinds of oils and each of these has its own distinct features and scents.

Well, it’s a matter of a personal preference when it comes to fragrances. What I could suggest is for you to try out and smell a few fragrance oils and choose what picks your interest and liking.

All the materials can be bought separately as they are all readily available. On the other hand, you may find products as well that are already sold in bulks and packages which normally include all the needed materials.

As an alternate and convenient approach, you may start first by purchasing reed diffuser packages especially if you are still to learn how to use a reed diffuser.

What to Do

When I got my first reed diffuser, I was so excited to try it out as I find the fragrance very pleasing and relaxing. However, I was not able to maximize it as I was still trying and testing how would it work best. But worry not because this step-by-step process will help you make the most out of your reed diffuser.

1. Placing The Reed Diffuser

The first thing you need to do is to choose the best place where to put your reed diffuser. In bigger spaces or rooms, try placing the diffuser in the middle or the center space to allow the fragrance to travel around the room.

​Also, the best place to put it is near the air traffic. It allows the fragrance to circulate properly. Another thing to regard is the height of the chosen place. Try to avoid low places or tables since most of the air circulation happens in a higher position.

​It is essential to regard the sizes as well. According to Scent Snob, the size of the room and the size of the opening of the diffuser is correlated with each other. If you are intending to place a diffuser in a bigger room, try picking a vessel with a bigger opening.

2. Pouring Fragrance Oil

Your chosen fragrance oil must be meticulously poured into the vessel. While pouring, be careful not to spill any portion into the ground or surface as these oils are flammable. Although it is considered to be the safest form of fragrance tool for homes and spaces, safety and hazard must always be regarded.

If in case you purchased a complete set, the fragrance oil is usually placed already inside the vessel.​

3. Placing The Reed Sticks​

The reed sticks must be placed inside the vessel and let it sip enough oil. Place each stick carefully inside so that the oil could establish a contact to the stick easily. Now, the number of reed stick you put inside is essential too. As per Pure Senses, the higher the number of sticks, the greater diffusion of fragrance will occur. Hence, if you are to put a diffuser inside a bigger space or room, try to put many reed sticks.

4. Flipping The Reed Sticks

When the oil has been absorbed thoroughly by the reed sticks, it is now the time to flip the sticks upside down. The dry part must be placed inside the vessel so that the merged portion of the stick will be exposed to diffuse the fragrance.

To refresh the reed diffuser, just flip again the reed sticks for another batch of fragrance diffusion.​


Keeping your home fresh and pleasant is essential to good housekeeping. One of the best tools to utilize today is the reed diffuser. It is not rocket science at all to know how to use a reed diffuser.

All you need to do is to find a perfect place to put it, place the sticks, and flip them to start the diffusion.

If you think this guide is helpful enough, you may share this with your friends and relatives too. Moreover, your comments, suggestions, queries, and reactions are highly welcome!​

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