Makeup Problem: How to Get Eyelash Glue Off Your Lashes

Who doesn’t want long, thick lashes? Apparently, it’s not as easy as sticking them on your lashes and you are good to go. You need a special glue to make sure that your lashes stay in place no matter how hard you party.

Here’s the thing: once you removed the fake lashes, you need to make sure that all the glue that you used are gone as well.​

Don’t worry. These two tricks will help you get the lashes – and glue – off in no time


Removing the fake lashes is not as simple as taking them off anytime you want. You need to follow specific steps to make sure you remove them properly. In doing so, you will need the following:

What you need

  • Eye makeup remover
  • Cotton balls and cotton swabs
  • Wash cloth
  • Petroleum jelly
  • Towel

Here’s how to remove the eyelash glue off your eyelashes

  • Step 1: Soak a cotton ball in your preferred eye makeup remover. You can try YonKa Gel Nettoyant Cleansing Makeup Remover Gel since it also works as a makeup remover too.
  • Step 2: Squeeze the excess liquid and wipe the cotton balls across your lashes. Make sure you start from the outer corner and work your way to the inner corner.
  • Step 3: Let the makeup remover stay on your fake lashes for at least a minute to loosen the adhesive. You can apply more eye makeup remover until you are able to remove the eyelashes.
  • Step 4: Soak a cotton swab in your eye makeup remover and dab it on the remaining eyelash glue on your lash line.
  • Step 5: Apply petroleum jelly on your lash line to get rid of the last traces of eyelash glue on your eyelashes.
  • Step 6: Wipe off the excess jelly on your lashes.
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Let’s say you’re not into eye makeup remover and prefer natural methods. That’s okay. After all, natural, homemade remedies are much better because skin irritation is reduced.

If you are looking for a natural way to remove eyelash glue on your lashes, then next method is worth trying


It’s okay to use an eye makeup remover to remove the eyelash glue. In case you want to keep it more natural, here’s what you need

What you need

Here’s how to remove the eyelash glue off your eyelashes

  • Step 1: Mix olive oil, castor oil, and canola oil in a bowl. If you want to prolong its shelf life, place the mixture in a bottle and seal it tight
  • Step 2: Soak a cotton ball in the oil mixture
  • Step 3: Wipe the cotton ball across your eyelash line, starting from the inside corner of your eye to the outside. Make sure you do this gently and do not rub the cotton ball in back and forth motion. Otherwise, this could cause eye irritation and you don’t want that to happen
  • Step 4: Gently peel the fake eyelashes from your eyelids. Rub more of the oil mixture in case you are having a hard time peeling them off
  • Step 5: Continuously wipe your lash line with the oil mixture to get rid of the glue. Make sure you rub in one direction only
  • Step 6: Wash your face with your preferred facial cleanser
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Final Thought

Fake lashes add dramatic floor to your overall look. Nonetheless, it is important that you follow any of these techniques in removing eyelash glue off your lashes.

In doing so, you will be able to maintain the health of your eyelashes, thereby keeping your natural look.

How about you? Do you have a secret trick to get rid of eyelash glue? Make sure to share them in the comments below.

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