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How Long Does Hair Dye Lasts?

How long does hair dye last? There is no definite answer to that. There are many factors to consider like:

Type of hair color (permanent or semi/demi-permanent)

The choice of color (reddish colors may fade faster than other colors)

And the rate of hair growth (new hair growth calls for a retouch)

There are good ways to make it at least last longer. As someone who is dying and coloring hair, that is a struggle I faced, I noticed that my hair color fades so fast that I need to visit the parlor again a lot earlier than expected.

I read a clip and followed the proper way of washing my hair and protecting it, and I am impressed with the result.

8 Tips To Make Hair Dye Last Long

1. Do Not Wash Your Hair Right Away

If you want the color of your hair to look fresh for a long time, then it should settle on your hair long.

Washing your hair too quickly after you color could rinse out some dye out. Hence the color of hair fades quicker, best to wait for 24 hours before doing so.

***Tip: If you want to clean your hair after dying, use cool water to rinse it and gently scrub your scalp with your fingertips.

2. Wash Hair Moderately

Daily shampooing may not only strip your hair natural oil but dye as well. Try to keep it to every other day or if possible once a week if your scalp is not oily.

***Tip: If your hair looks greasy, limp or dirty you can consider dry shampoo made for color treated hair.

3. Use a Shampoo for Color-Treated Hair

When washing your hair, it is necessary that you use a shampoo specially made for color treated hair to minimise stripping of color.

Choose a formula that is free of sulfate and contains silicones, which can help preserving the color as it seals the hair cuticle.

***Tip: There are many shampoos best for color treated hair, and it is highly advised that you read the label before making a purchase.

4. Focus Shampooing at The Roots

When washing your hair, do not apply it all over your locks.

The best way to do it is concentrating the shampoo in the roots instead, where hair is the oiliest, then build up lather all the way down to make sure that your hair is well cleaned.

***Tip: Use your fingertips to clean your scalp down.

5. Rinsing Hair With Cold Water After Conditioning

Cold water closes your hair cuticle, thus keeping the color from washing out.

​Conditioner after shampooing is the last step in washing hair, rinsing it with cold water is a must so after cleaning and conditioning your hair, you can close your cuticle immediately to minimise color loss.

***Tip: Do not wash away shampoo with cool water, as you are closing your cuticle before applying your conditioner, making hair conditioning useless.

6. Place Filters on Your Showerhead

Washing off conditioner with cold water is not enough to minimise the possibility of color loss, adding filter on your showerhead can remove minerals like iron and lime that causing hair dye wash away.

The filter can also remove heavy metals; chlorine and soap build up that causes color fading.

7. Apply Gloss Treatment

Using of gloss treatment can freshen the appearance of your hair. The shiny finish can add not just extra shine but it sometimes can help revitalize fading hair color.

8. Use Touch-Up Kit

If your hair growth is coming too obvious, having a touch up kit at home can help.

They are almost the same as the usual color treatment at home, but it has a targeted brush that can let you apply the color to areas or sections of your hair.

***Tip: Ask the professional on which amongst the available kits is best to match your hair color.


There is no definite answer to question how long does hair dye lasts, yet there are ways you can do to maximise its lifespan. Of course, you would never want to go to parlor almost every month; it can definitely hurt your wallet.

These 8 tips can help you prolong the dye in your hair. Using products specifically made for color treated hair is necessary if you want to maximise the lifespan of your hair dye.

Never miss to asking for professional’s advice to better assess your hair and give you more relevant tips particular to your hair type.

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