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What are Frankincense and Amber? – A Guide To Today’s Premium Fragrances

Some of the most premium fragrances known in the recent times are the Frankincense and Amber. Aside from the richness in their aroma and smell, the backgrounds and histories of these two are as well rich.

Apparently, there are quite a lot of misconceptions about Frankincense and Amber. Although the essence and oil of these two things are widely and largely used in different colognes and perfumes..

only a few know that Frankincense and Amber are actually resins.

There are a lot of similarities between the two. Alongside being the most premium fragrances of today, the manufacturing and production of the fragrances entail strenuous and lengthy processes.

If you are very much eager to know the facts behind these resins and their fragrances, then this guide will pretty much enable you to understand what is Frankincense and Amber generally.​

frankincense wood flower

Frankincense: The High-Quality Incense​

According to a platform that discussed different tree resins named Owlcation, the word Frankincense originated from an Old French – “franc encens” which means a pure and high-quality type of incense.

It has been very popular incense since Ancient time. Moreover, it was mentioned in the Bible as well.

Now, Frankincense is apparently a gum resin. The resin is produced by a tree known in Africa named as Boswellia. Although the said tree is widely seen as well in India and in the Middle East, it is much more renowned in the African region.​

The popularity of the Frankincense even flourished when the perfume and cologne industry used the said resin to produce a premium fragrance out of it.

When you burn the gum resin as per How Things Smell, it releases a different kind of smell in its smoke that is truly enticing and pleasing.​

As for the people who ask

“what does Frankincense smell like?”​

The smell is quite a combination of lemon and pine with a bit of dry-woody aroma. While a good quality of Frankincense may differ from its smell, the sweet and honey-like fragrance still has traces of lemon tops in totality.​

Amber: The Scent of A Woman​

Basing on the trending topics in many forum, it has been found that the essence oil of Amber and its fragrance is one of the most picked scents by many women in the recent times.

There is actually something unexplainable in the scent making it a more enigmatic type of fragrance.​

By and large, Amber is a fossilized resin of very old trees. It is believed that these trees existed around hundred million years ago resulting for the Amber resins to be very premium in terms of its costs.

In addition, the resin is formed through a very strenuous process. When the tree is subjected to different heat and pressure condition from the sedimentary layers of its position, the Amber is then formed.​

As for the aspect of fragrance and smell of Amber

The essence of the resin is largely used in the perfume industry as well. Although the essence oil is not mainly the ingredient in many perfumes and colognes, it actually complements the overall fragrance of a product.

Furthermore, this is one reason why many are looking for adequate answers to the question: “what does Amber smell like?”

Naturally, the smell of the Amber oil is quite similar to Frankincense – quite smoky, woody, and leathery.

However, the fragrance still varies accordingly to the preferences and basis of each person who smells the fragrance of the Amber especially when most of the time the Amber is being mixed with different essential oils and fragrances.


Through our article, I hope that I have shared enough knowledge to help you understand more about Frankincense and Amber, If you had any question, just comment below and see if I can help you a bit.

See you soon!

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