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5 Safe Tips to Do When an Eyelash Stuck In Eye Happens

When you experience an eyelash stuck in eye moment, you will certainly feel irritated. There are times that you would encounter mild to severe pain as I have with my own. But, what to do when this kind of inconvenience happens?

Most people try to poke and rub their eyes because it becomes too itchy and unbearable. The truth is doing these things will only make things worse.

It will only cause too much irritation and degrade the situation. Certainly, you don’t want to end up in an emergency scenario at the hospital – right?​

Now, there are actually safe and easy steps to get rid of this inconvenience. This guide will help you know how to get eyelash out of the eye in 5 easy, convenient, and safe tips.​


One of the most effective and safest remedies that you could do is to rinse with water.

Using your hands, splash water into your eyes especially the one that is affected. Also, make sure that your hands are clean and so is the water.

I have a bad experience when trying this before as I did not check the water. Upon splashing the water right into my eyes, I felt a burning sensation and only to find out that the water was used to soaked onions.

I know that it is too neglectful of me but learn from it! Always use fresh and clean water and remember to wash your hand first.


Another best remedy that you could do is to dip your face into the water. Get a clean bowl, water, and towel.

Eye Lash In Eye, a great blog about these kinds of concerns, suggests that it would be better if you use distilled or mineral water. This will prevent further irritations from happening.

Fill the bowl with enough water to dip your whole face. Once the bowl and water are ready, place your face in the water and make sure that your eyes are closed.

When inside already, try to open and close your eyes so the stuck eyelash can be washed off.

eye drops


Saline solutions and eye drops are helpful in this kind of situation too. Never underestimate the power of these products.

When you experience irritations and uncomfortableness with your eye, you may utilize the said eye care products.

In the case of eyelash stuck in eye problems, place 2 to 3 drops of either saline solution or eye drop to your eyeballs.

Close your eyes for a few seconds once done with the drops. Consequently, try to wink and blink for a moment until your vision becomes clear.


Everyone knows the struggle of peeling and cutting onions. But, did you know that doing these activities can help you get rid of the stuck eyelash in your eye?

Yes, you read that right.

Apparently, crying and pouring out tears from your eyes can make the stuck eyelash flow away. Naturally, wetting the eyes can make the irritation go away as well as the one causing it.

Nevertheless, be careful when handling onions and do not make any direct contact with the eye. It will only irritate your eyes more or make things even worse!


According to Life Hack, one of the best ways to alleviate the said situation is by closing and resting the eyes.

Essentially, when you let your eyes go to rest by closing it for a minute or two, the eyeball refreshes itself and secretes liquids that will wash dirt and bacteria.

This is one way or another telling you as well that sleeping can help you get rid of the stuck eyelash in the eyeballs.

Not only eyelashes but other germs and dirt that have become stuck in your eyeballs.

This is also the reason why you have crusts on the side of your eyes or also known as the “morning glory” every morning once you wake up.

The eye naturally cleanses and flushes out the dirt when it is at rest or you are asleep.

Additional Tips

Eyelash stuck in eye moments are always sudden. You don’t know when it will happen and why.

But note that it is always natural for anyone to experience something like this. And when it happens to you, don’t you dare to simply poke and rub your eyes.

Before doing anything to get rid of the eyelash, make sure that your hands are clean and sanitized as the eye is a very sensitive organ. Also, make sure that all the tools that you will be using are all clean.

Now, these are only some of the most effective solutions on how to get eyelash out of the eye. A right execution even with just one of these tips can surely get rid of the problem.

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