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Remedies for the Eye Twitch, Pregnant Women’s Concern Today

Eye twitching or scientifically known as the blepharospasm is one of the concerns by many pregnant women today. You could actually see a lot of people who experience the eye twitch, pregnant women specifically in the recent times.

Although a lot of people especially expectant women experience the twitching of the eye, the exact reason is still unknown.

By and large, there are a lot of reasons and causes why the eye twitches every now and then. These reasons are apparently related to several health conditions.​

The most common reason for its occurrence is due to stress and fatigue.
Hence, you could safely say that this is mainly the reason why pregnant women experience this. With these things at hand, numerous of pregnant women are getting bothered and a lot are seeking for medications and remedies.​

Apparently, you don’t need to seek medical attention if you are experiencing the eye twitching.
There are a lot of home remedies you could do to solve this kind of concern. It is essential for you to know that for each given possible reason of eye twitching, there is a remedy you could use and apply.​

1. Stress and Fatigue

It is normal for any pregnant women to experience stress and fatigue since the hormones are very much sensitive especially during these times. Accordingly, these trigger the eye twitching to occur in the eyes.

  • The most recommendable remedy you could use is to actually eliminate all the stressful things that surround you.
  • Make sure that you exclude yourself from any negative thing as these will cause you to be in deep stress.​
  • In addition, you must refrain from doing anything that is very much tiring and stressful as much as possible.
  • You have to ensure that you are getting enough sleep and rest as your body needs these very much.​

girl open eyes with towel

2. Dry Eyes and Eye Strain​

Other common reasons why you experience the twitching of the eye are when you have dry eyes and when there is a strain.

Although you could actually relate stress and fatigue in this specific reasons, there are other factors why you may possibly have dry and strained eyes.​

The best remedy you could do if ever you possibly have dry and tired eyes is to limit your gadget usage.

Your time spent on computers, laptops, smartphones, etc can largely affect the health of your eyes.​

While others cannot just simply limit their usage due to work and career reasons, the best homemade remedy, in this case, is to take breaks every now and then.

Moreover, try to relax the eyes by simply applying cotton with rose water and/or cucumbers and to the eyelids.​

3. Mineral and Vitamin Deficiency​

In actuality, malnutrition can be also a possible reason why your eye twitches.

Although any pregnant women are asked to be very cautious to what they eat and consume on a daily basis, there are just some others who are more sensitive when it comes to consuming food.​

If your eyes appear to continuously suffer from twitching, it is possible that you lack the needed nutrition and vitamins for your eyes to function normally as experts say.

The best way to resolve this kind of concern is to actually have a balanced diet. Additionally, make sure that you are getting enough vitamin D, magnesium, and calcium.

Final Thought​

Ultimately, if you have tried all the given remedies above and the twitching in your eye persists – then it is only the time that you must already consult a specialist.

All remedies given above are effective and efficient as they have resolved many concerns such as this one.​

Having a healthy lifestyle especially during your pregnancy is apparently the best remedy to all kinds of health concerns in the recent times.​

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