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Does Sunscreen Prevent Tanning?

I am one of you who do not want to get a tan but loves to do activities outdoors and love the feel of the sun kissing my skin.

So, I tried to look for answer to my question, does sunscreen prevent tanning? And from what I learned, unfortunately, it will not.

Let me tell you this, as per one known beauty expert, you will still get tan wearing sunscreen and the result to get depends on the SPF.

The SPF specified on your sunscreen determines how long the skin can be directed to sunlight without any sunburn or getting red.

Another note is that, SPF is only to measure the protection your skin has from UVB rays.

UVB rays is what causes the skin to burn while UVA rays on the other hand is the age that may occur to skin due to over exposure to the sun.

For the information stated above, I highly recommend that you use a sunscreen that has a wider spectrum UVB/UVA protection. SPF 15 can only block about 93% of UVB radiation while SPF 30 closing to 97%.

Be mindful, no sunscreen that can completely block UV rays by 100%, so expect that your skin will still get tanned when exposed to sun yet at a slower rate.

To protect your skin from any damage caused by the sun (which should be our priority), it is highly recommended that you use a wider spectrum of UVB/UVA protection.

This may not be the perfect choice to prevent tanning, yet it is still highly recommended to use due to its many benefits, let us discuss them further:​

girl have sunscreen on leg
Can give you protection against harmful UV rays

The depleting ozone layer has put people at a higher risk. Applying sunscreen can help you block the harmful rays of UV to penetrate your skin and be the cause of different skin disorders.

Avoids premature aging

I know, you would always wish to have a healthy, radiant and younger-looking skin. Studies show that people under the age of 55 who worn sunscreen had 24% fewer chances of developing aging signs than occasional or nonsunscreen users.

Lower the risk of skin cancer

You may think that this is only for the purpose of beautifying yourself, this you have to think again.

This is a good way to save yourself from possible risks of different skin cancer, including melanoma. Melanoma can be threatening especially to women who are in their 20s

Prevents sunburn

Burn from the sun weakens your skin, making you exposed more to bruises. Not wearing sunscreen may have you exposed to redness, swelling, peeling, itching, and hives. And these simple bruises could soar to skin cancer.

Enhances the health of skin

The proteins needed by the skin, like keratin, elastin and collagen is protected by the sunscreen. All these proteins are skin’s requirement to keep them healthy and smooth.

A good cosmetic to use

There is available sunscreen on the market that can be used as cream at the same time. This being the case, you are not just protecting yourself from the harmful effects of the UV rays but as well as keeping your skin look fresh and beautiful.

Wide options to choose from at inexpensive prices

There are many sunscreen brands around that people could choose from. This being the case, companies due to tight marketing competition make them highly affordable for everyone to consume. As a consumer, taking this to your advantage is worth to consider.

This is a better option than long sleeves

Some opt to choose wearing long sleeves to protect themselves from the sun. Unfortunately, that is not how it works. Cotton, especially when wet will not offer you protection from the sun.

No need to reapply after a swim

There are sunscreens available in the market today that are waterproof. This allows you to enjoy outdoors a lot more, without burning yourself too much.

hat and sunscreen on sand


Bottom line, to answer the question again, does sunscreen prevent tan? The answer is it won’t, but it can be of many help. It is necessary that you choose high SPF to get the maximum protection you need when exposed to the sun.

There are many sunscreen products available in the market to choose from. Choosing the best brand can help you maximise what sunscreen can do to your skin.

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