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How To Use Curry Leaves For Hair Growth

Healthy, shining and vibrant hair is every woman’s dream. Unfortunately due to our lifestyles and many other factors such as the food we take, it is not always easy to achieve this feat. Very few women have the kind of hair that they desire and even so, such women do a lot of work to have such good hair.

Good hair needs extra care and that is why you need curry leaves. The days of dry, grey and weak hair will be long gone once you start using curry leaves for hair growth.

You may be looking for other remedies such as vitamins, supplements but this is a natural ingredient with plenty of benefits to your hair. Curry leaves are also easy to obtain and apply so as to get the desired results.

Some of the major benefits of using curry leaves for hair growth are:

It repairs damaged hair – Damaged hair due to pollution, chemicals or any other means can be restored to a new and vibrant state by using curry leaves. It only takes a few weeks to see the results and sooner rather than later all the hair will be back to a healthy state

Strengthens hair – Growing hair needs to be strong so as not to break easily. Curry leaves strengthen both the hair roots as well as the hair stem. This gives you with strong and healthy hair

Prevents hair from greying prematurely – One of the major challenges that a modern woman faces is hair greying prematurely. This might be caused by a variety of reasons but one thing for sure that takes care of this problem is curry leaves

Promoting hair growth – Sometimes hair grows to a certain height and then stops or grows very slowly. However, curry leaves has special ingredients that helps boost the growth of strong and healthy hair on your scalp

Stops falling hair – Falling hair is also another menace facing the modern woman. This mainly caused by hair aging prematurely due to adverse chemical effects that we often expose our hairs to.

However, curry leaves are a natural treatment to neutral the adverse effects of some chemicals that may affect the hair making them to fall. Treat falling hair by using curry leaves and you will be amazed by the results.

How to apply curry leaves for hair growth
Curry leaves have one main advantage over other natural hair remedies in that, it can be applied in various different ways. The expected results are similar but the following are the different ways in which you can use curry leaves for your hair.

#1. Using it as hair tonic

Step 1 In this case, you need a handful of fresh curry leaves and bowl of coconut oil. You should then add the curry leaves to the coconut oil and boil the mixture until you get a black residue.

Step 2 Allow this mixture to cool down and apply it on your hair and scalp. Leave it for an hour and then rinse it off.

This should be done twice a week and results would be evident in four weeks.

This method is effective in strengthening the hair roots and hair shafts

#2. Using it as hair mask

You need a handful of fresh curry leaves and yoghurt or milk

You should then grind the curry leaves to form a paste and then add twice the amount of yoghurt or milk to the curry leaves paste

Mix them together to form a thick paste and apply it on your hair and scalp.

Let it sit for thirty minutes as it dries and eventually wash it off

This should be done once a week and results will appear in four weeks.

#3. Using it in food – diet

curry leaves food

Curry leaves are good for a series of hair related problems. One easy way to use these leaves is to consume them in normal food.

It doesn’t matter whether you use dry curry leaf powder or a mixture of shredded leaves, you only have to ensure that you consume the leaves and you will start enjoying the benefits in a very short time.

Another alternative to this is to drink it in tea. You can boil curry leaves in water, then squeeze some lime onto the boiled water which has curry leaves and then finally add sugar and enjoy your drink.

Important tips to remember

When you apply curry leaves directly onto your hair, for example when used as hair masks or hair tonic, the leaves might make your hair feel sticky

However, this is normal occurrence and you shouldn’t be bothered by it as the hair will dry up and once you wash off the curry leaves, everything will be back to normal.

Nonetheless, if you feel irritated by the sticky hair, you can use shampoo to reduce the effects of curry leaves. Shampoo helps make the hair soft and flawless.

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Another important thing to remember is that curry leaves like any other natural ingredients tend to take some time to be effective. Therefore, in order to get the best results out of the curry leaves

You should apply it on your hair regularly

Apply it on your hair at least twice a week for about four weeks consistently to get the best results.


Curry leaves are a versatile natural ingredient that work well to promote hair growth. It is chemical free and has no side effects.

From experience, this product works perfectly well and would be a perfect alternative to other chemically formulated ingredients that help boost hair growth. It is also a very cheap alternative and easy to manage.

The only thing that users should remember is that the leaves should be used regularly and persistently for the best results.

A perfect ingredient that I would recommend to anyone who wants wonderful, naturally beautiful and vibrant growing hair!

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