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Can You Put Lotion In Your Hair? All You Need To Know Before You Lather On

It may seem rather whimsical but you’d be surprised to know the answer to the question “Can you put lotion in your hair?”

The answer is a resounding yes!

In fact, lotion – such as what you use for your hands, face, or body – has long been used as a form of moisturizing product to the hair.

Although it’s not as widely endorsed, it’s actually an effective emollient for your scalp and hair that you could use when you’ve run out of your go-to hair products.

Get to know the benefits and how-to of applying lotion in your hair before you start lathering on.

Uses of Lotion On Your Hair​

There are many different uses of lotion on your hair that you can benefit from. Putting on lotion would be especially helpful if you’re suffering from common hair issues such as dryness, frizziness, and so on.

Here are the key uses of lotion on your hair that you could take advantage of:

Tame frizzy hair

Lotion can be just as effective on your hair before scalp is still skin. If you apply lotion on your scalp and onto your hair, it can help control those seemingly uncontrollable frizzy hair and unruly flyaways.

This would be very beneficial if you have naturally dry hair and if you live in high humidity places.

Styling hair

Normally, we use serums, oils, or hairsprays to make it easier for us to style our hair and keep it neat. You can also use lotion to style and fix your hair and help make it stay put.

For example, if you’re headed to a night out and you want to keep your ponytail sleek and clean, you can use lotion to make sure that there are no loose strands that would ruin your look.


First and foremost, lotion can be used as a great moisturizer for your hair.

If you have dry hair that doesn’t seem to improve, you can try putting on lotion and giving yourself a good scalp massage to make sure that it’s properly absorbed.

Start from your scalp before moving on to the rest of our hair strands.

What Lotion to Use?

While lotions are great to use for the hair, you also have to be careful on choosing what kind of lotion to use, especially when it comes to the ingredients.

Some lotions that contain non-fatty alcohols may cause even more damage such as hair breakage and dryness. Be informed of what types of lotions that would best be used on your hair.

Shea butter & Other vegetable-based lotions
It’s been said that Shea butter has long been used to reduce dandruff and moisturize the scalp and hair.

This would be your best bet should you decide to use lotion on your hair since it’s a natural ingredient that’s proven to be very effective and advantageous.

In relation to Shea butter, you can also use other vegetable-based lotions or those with more natural ingredients. Those are guaranteed to be more gentle on your scalp and hair.

Baby Lotion

Baby lotions are specially formulated to be very gentle to babies’ sensitive skin. Since scalp is more sensitive than the rest of your body’s skin, you can also use a certain amount of baby lotion to combat dry hair and frizziness.

How to Apply Lotion On Your Hair

In using lotion for your hair, do remember that less is more and moderation is key.

  • You only need a dab or a dime-sized amount of lotion for your hair
  • Rub the lotion on your hands and then proceed to massage your scalp and run your hands throughout your hair
  • You can also concentrate on the frizzy areas or dry ends if you feel the need to

Lotion is a great alternative for your hair serums, oils, and sprays. When you find yourself lacking the necessary hair products that you need to tame your frizzy hair or moisturize your dry ends, then your go-to lotion on your nightstand could be your best friend.

Do make sure to keep it in moderation and check the label before you just go on lathering lotion all throughout your hair in order to reap all the benefits.

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