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What Can We Learn From Blackmen Vintage Haircare Routines?

Even back in the day blackmen took good care of their hair. Since black hair can look damaged even when it isn’t, blackmen took an extra mile to make it appear healthy.

Popular haircare products aimed at reducing hair loss, dryness and fragility. Back in the heyday, blackmen were all about pomades, hair oils, beeswaxes and hair tonics.

Even today, a lot of blackmen use these vintage products because of how effective they are. We all know that a true gentleman takes care of his appearance.

Since blackmen have unique and gorgeous hair naturally, they should always embrace it. Afterall, every woman wants a man who goes an extra mile to look good every day.

magnesium oil

Even back in the heyday, blackmen knew that using shampoo too often will damage their hair. Shampoos usually contain harsh chemicals that can make black hair even more fragile.

These chemicals remove all of the useful oils from the scalp. While nobody wants greasy hair, these oils are essential for hair strength and proper growth.

Even those blackmen who didn’t use shampoo too often still put some hair oils just to make the hair shiny and soft. Today, these oils are usually applied to hair roots. Back in the heyday, blackmen used them even on their scalps to prevent flakes.

If you look back at the blackmen’s old hairstyles, you will see that they were quite simple and practical. But, simple and practical doesn’t have to go with boring.

Hairstyles of blackmen can easily look unique because of how special their hair is on its own. That’s why it’s great to choose a simple hairstyle. This is important because if you get a high maintenance haircut, you will have to use a lot of extra products.

Using additional products every single day will definitely lead to breakage and damage. Blackmen today usually go for simple hairstyle options, but black boys tend to choose complicated over the top ones.

There are so many interesting haircuts for African American black boys that are simple yet still special in their way. Extreme doesn’t always have to go with one-of-a-kind.

Which Products Did They Use?

Before we say what they used, we need to know what they avoided at all costs. The cheapest options for haircare products have always had alcohol and harsh chemicals.

Back in the day, blackmen made sure not to use those products even if they were more effective in the short term.

When we mention vintage blackmen haircare, we immediately think of beeswax and mineral oils. Those two ingredients were contained in one of the most popular hair products back in the heyday, Brylcreem.

Not only did this cream hold men’s hair all day long, but it also had a manly smell. Good news is that this cream is still available, so you can still get a taste of best vintage haircare.

Another great thing about this product is that a little goes a long way, but it’s still very cheap. But, be careful with this product since it’s very moisturizing so it can leave your hair greasier than you wanted in the first place.​

Blackmen who didn’t like the greasy hairstyles went for hair tonics. Those tonics still made their hair looking naturally shiny, but without looking greasy.

One of these products, Vitalis, won over most of the American population in the early 20th century. This haircare product made it easier for blackmen to comb and style their hair without pain and too much effort.

But, since this product isn’t as strong as beeswax, you’ll have to reapply it throughout the day. It was also one of the rare products that had some alcohol in it but still wasn’t too damaging to hair.

The stars of blackmen haircare products are definitely pomades. The most famous one was Murray’s Superior Hair Dressing Pomade. It was used for creating a wave look that was high in shine.

  • Since this is a heavy pomade, it needs to warmed up before you put it in your hair.
  • While pomade itself isn’t damaging, the problem comes from washing it out.
  • Since it’s so greasy and heavy, it needs stronger shampoos to remove it completely.
  • You should also devote extra time to remove it properly becasue leaving it in may cause acne. Putting on a pomade is a big commitment, but it’s so worth it
  • The hold that it provides is flawless; your hair will remain the same throughout the whole day.


We’ve learned so much from innovative blackmen who invented some of the best haircare products that men use even today. They didn’t want to make compromises between quality and less damage.

These vintage haircare products aimed to make the hair looking as healthy as it was- because of them.

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