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The Best Shampoo for Thinning Hair Men in 2021

Hair thinning can strike you at any age depending on your genes, your lifestyle habits, and the hair care routine you follow. Though it is very difficult to prevent hair thinning.

You can delay its onset to some extent and even reduce it provided you catch hold of the best shampoo for thinning hair men and inculcate healthy lifestyle habits.

Best Shampoo For Thinning Hair Men​

1 – Black Bottle Mens Shampoo

Black Bottle Mens Shampoo

This one’s my personal favorite. A wonderful and a very effective shampoo.

It keeps my scalp clean and I have noticed that my hair fall reduced considerably since I started using this shampoo.

The results were faster than those with the other shampoos.

I could feel the difference within just a few weeks of using it.

Some more things I really liked about this product are:

  • Very easy to use
  • Promotes new hair growth
  • No irritation or itching of the scalp
  • Good combination of Biotin and Caffeine – I found out that both these ingredients are superfoods for hair growth

Just one point I would like to make is this shampoo can feel sticky like a tacky gel.

The smell is also a bit different, you may like it too much or feel disgusted with it depending on how you perceive it.

2. PURA D’OR Hair Loss Prevention Therapy Premium Organic Argan Oil Shampoo

PURA D'OR Organic Argan Oil Shampoo

I liked the pleasant and refreshing smell of this shampoo. It decreased my shedding to some extent. I could notice the difference within just a few washes.

My experiment story with this shampoo was by that time my first bottle was over

I was in two minds whether to go back to my regular shampoo or to continue using the same expensive one.​

But.. after about a week stopping using this shampoo. I realize my shedding was controlled, It fell the same amount day by day and didn’t tend to increase.

Needless to say, I bought the same product again and continued using it until now.

Overall, I am satisfied with this product.

I found it to be very mild and nourishing for my hair. It contains Biotin that strengthens the hair strands, and niacin that increases the blood circulation together with our favorite, a DHT Blocker which promotes healthy hair growth.

Good organic ingredients that aren’t harmful

3. Vitamins Hair Loss Shampoo

Vitamins Hair Loss Shampoo

By now, I was familiar with DHT Blockers and Biotin. I am sure you have also become familiar with these hair growth promoting factors by now. This product too has these ingredients and hence, can be considered very good for your hair.

What’s unique about this product is its made with Procapil, which is a patented formula obtained after thorough research.
Some studies conducted in the past have shown encouraging results with this ingredient when used for a period of 2 weeks.

It showed a remarkable 121 percent rise in the growth of the hair after the hair follicles were incubated for 14 days.

An astonishing 67 percent of the 18 volunteers who used this Procapil, for 4 months showed a rise in their anagen hair number to 46 percent.

These studies point to efficacy of Procapil in the management of hair thinning.

To throw more light on Procapil, it had been found to fight the hair follicle aging processes, and strengthen the hair from the roots thus preventing the hair loss.

It also targets the main cause of hair fall, which is nothing but DHT. Plus, it also has organic castor oil, and coconut oil.​

It combines three natural ingredients that increase the hair anchoring, which are biotinyl-GHK, oleanic acid from olive trees and a flavonoid from citrus.​

This shampoo contains high valuable and rich ingredients to deal with hair fall problem and make our hair growth.

It’s worth to try if your hair fall is out of control and become dangerous.

However, all these benefits come with a major flaw. This shampoo also contains Sodium laureth sulphate, which is considered a harmful ingredient for your hair. (It is not advised for long term use).

So I do not think it is a good shampoo if you are looking at a long-term option for your early hair thinning problem.​​

men got sleep

Why is My Hair Thinning Faster Than My Friends and Relatives?

Hair thinning or baldness comes in all size and shapes and can be caused by many factors.

The reason for why your hair thinning is more prominent than others’ could be that your hair follicles have a tendency to be clogged by the oil produced in the skin of the scalp or even due to the lack of moisture and nutrition to the scalp.

An imbalanced level of testosterone can also be a factor that could have led to a faster hair thinning in you. In most cases, these factors are determined by your genes as the male pattern baldness.

The most common cause of hair thinning in men is passed down to us from our earlier generations.

Is There Any Way to Prevent or Stop This Hair Thinning?


I would advise you to begin with the best shampoo for thinning hair men, but make sure you choose the right one because some shampoos can actually worsen your problem by causing your scalp to become drier.

You will see an increased amount of hair loss in clumps during brushing and showers. So, the idea is to know, which shampoo is the right one for you.

Besides these, you must make some changes in your lifestyle as follows:

  • Avoid junk foods that are high in simple carbs and fats
  • Stop smoking
    Limit your consumption of alcohol
  • Make sure you get at least 8 hours of sound sleep daily as lack of sleep can worsen your hair thinning
  • Practice stress-busting methods like yoga and meditation as stress is one of the major contributing factors for hair thinning

How Do I Select The Best Hair Thinning Shampoo For Men?

First of all, your shampoo must be free from chemicals as these are the main culprits that can harm your hair rather than doing any good.

Next, you must know the type of scalp and hair you have. This is the basic criteria to stop your hair thinning successfully.

Then, choose a hair thinning shampoo that is made for your scalp or hair type.

For example, if you have a dry scalp, choose a shampoo with a good moisturizer.

How to Use a Hair Thinning Shampoo?

Most hair thinning shampoos are applied to the scalp and hair like any other shampoo. You can start by making your hair wet and then, apply the shampoo.

The prime factor to remember is in order for the ingredients in these shampoos to take effect, they must be well absorbed into the scalp. So, its important to massage your scalp with the shampoo once the foam beings to appear for 2 minutes.

This will ensure the nutrients are properly absorbed into your hair and scalp. Then, rinse your hair with water.

Why Most Hair Thinning Shampoos for Men Do Not Work?

The problem is with the overflowing of the market with an endless number of products. The market is saturated with too many choices. It is difficult for you to try and test every product. Also, you cannot research every product based on its ingredients.

So.. you don’t know which shampoo is good of you.
Also, most commercial hair care products do not stick to the claims they make. They fail miserably when it comes to showing results.

What you see in the television commercials with the man or the woman flaunting thick shiny hair is just because of the evil hand of Photoshop and not the shampoo!

You may also get consumed between the best hair thickening shampoo for men and the hair thinning shampoos, keep in mind that both are different.

The hair thinning shampoos stop the hair fall and improve the hair growth while the hair thickening shampoos only increase the thickness of the shaft of the hair strands.
It’s, of course, very difficult to choose the best hair thinning shampoo, especially when you are spoilt for choices.

That is why I decided to dig deeper into some of the popular shampoos, researched on their ingredients and used each of them to finally decide, which products actually stayed true to their words.

This initiative, though time-consuming, was worth the efforts and time put into it as it turned out to be a one-time investment for me based on which I could keep my hair healthy for years after years.

Here are the top 4 shampoos that I found were the best among all, though with some minor differences.


At first, I was confused between these products as most of them had similar ingredients.

But, after using each of them, I found them to be different probably due to the other ingredients present in each. What really worked for me was PURA D’OR Organic Argan Oil Shampoo

I mentioned it earlier as well, it’s my personal favorite. I could see a lot of improvement in my hair after using this shampoo. They appeared fuller and most importantly, healthier.​

After having tried and tested several shampoos, I have finally found the one that works for me and I am going to stick to it.

Of course, there are several other shampoos, which may be as effective as this one, or may even suit you better than PURA D’OR Organic Argan Oil Shampoo depending on your own hair type, scalp, etc.

I would suggest to start your experiments with something lightly and easy to use. Take step by step to find which once suit for you and give you the results you are looking for.

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