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The Best Hair Thickening Shampoo for Men in 2021

While many people would like to have thick strands of healthy hair, most of us, especially men are born with thin fine hair.

Even the few who are lucky to be born with thick and healthy strands of hair, often find their hair thinning with advancement of age.

Over a period of time, most men lose hair due to thinning and sooner rather than later, these men find themselves with bald heads.

Being bald headed, though not a crime or a major cause of concern for some people, can as well as be quite concerning and embarrassing especially for young men.

An old man with a receding hairline is quite understandable but this is not the case with a young vibrant man.

It is for this reason that we ought to know how to choose the best hair thickening shampoo for men.

What are hair thickening shampoos?

A little research over the internet and print media will reveal that there are many products that users claim to help with hair loss and hair thickening. Nonetheless, not everything that is posted on the internet is true and can be trusted.

Many of these products are a sham and only posted as a selling strategy by the manufacturers.

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Hair thickening shampoos on the other hand, have proved and have been used for quite some time for the purposes of thickening hair.

I have witnessed tons of testimonies from users of these products and it is first of all important to understand what these hair thickening shampoos are.

A simple definition on Wikipedia defines shampoos as a form of viscous fluid used to cleaning the hair. Essentially, shampoos are regarded as soaps for cleaning hair especially for women.

However, hair cleaning shampoos are only one kind of shampoos, other forms of shampoos such as the hair thickening shampoos have got additives that enrich the hair to grow healthier and thicker.

Thus, hair thickening shampoos are a special kind of shampoos with active ingredients that help the hair thicken and fill the skull.

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Tips to Consider when Choosing the Best Hair Thickening Shampoo for Men

Many people might be deluded to look at the ingredients when looking for the shampoo for hair thickening.

However, I can authoritatively tell you through experience that this would be very long and tiresome process that most likely wouldn’t yield the expected results.

It is just impossible to get the ultimate shampoo for hair thickening by looking at the ingredients.

Furthermore, most of the ingredients used in hair thickening shampoo are quite similar, with the major difference being the technique of how these ingredients have been applied.

Having said this, the best way to go about getting the best shampoo to thicken hair is by considering your hair needs and fine details about your hair.

Some of the things that you need to consider before deciding which type of hair thickening shampoo you should use are:

Hair type and texture

These are critical hair aspects. Different hair types would need different kinds of hair thickening shampoos in order for the user to get best results. Some of the hair types that your hair may fall under include dry hair, curly hair, fine hair and oily hair.

Once you have established which category your hair falls under, you can go ahead and choose the best shampoo for hair thickening.

For example:

For fine hair a light volumizing shampoo would be suitable for maintaining thick, vibrant hair

Oily hair on the other hand would require shampoos which do not have moisturizer or conditioning. The hair has enough oil already and so you wouldn’t want to add more moisture or conditioning to the hair. However, in the presence of dandruff, as is mostly the case, you should use shampoo with anti-dandruff agents. People often think that dandruff is an issue of dry scalp but oily hair also produces dandruff

Dry hair is the opposite of oily hair. Men with this kind of hair should thus look for shampoos that offer moisturizing conditions. In these case, the hair has little or no oil and hence the need to use shampoo which bring about a moisturizing effect. Some oils such as coconut oil, avocado oils and argan oils offer some of the best moisturizing effect

Curly hair is not so much of a menace like dry hair. Shampoo for dry or color treated hair would do just fine for this kind of hair

Hair needs

After establishing the kind of hair that you have, one other critical tips is knowing your needs. Each different type of hair has its own set of unique needs, and it is through these needs that we are able to determine the best hair thickening shampoo for men.

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It is thus very important to know the exact needs of your hair so that you don’t go wrong when choosing the best shampoo for hair thickening.

As a matter of fact, below are some of the common hair needs that will guide you when choosing the best shampoo for hair thickening and to know your hair.


Contrary to many expectations, dry scalps actually produce oily hair. The dry scalp compensates the dryness by overproducing oil which sits at the roots of the hairs. In this case, one experiences oily hair but the actually the scalp is dry and needs moisture.

In this case, using a mild shampoo that balances the oil production in the scalp would be appropriate. A good example would be shampoo with tea tree oil.


When hair has been damaged due to chemical treating, extra caution is needed in handling such kind of hair. The hair might be thin and weathered and thus a wrong move might further worsen the situation. In such an instance, you need extra moisture to sooth the damaged hair strands.

Look for a shampoo with extra moisturizing effects. Additionally, shampoos with nourishing formulas will help in replenishing the hair and restoring them to their original state.


This is another unique but quite common condition. The flakes from your scalp might be falling off due to dandruff. However, this is not an enhanced form of dandruff as many people normally believe. Thus, using dandruff-treating shampoo would not be appropriate.

The best kind of shampoo for this condition would be medicated shampoo that is normally designed to treat flaky scalps. Look for such kinds of shampoo and you will be able to deal with this condition more effectively and appropriately.


Hair that has been treated with color needs to be handled with care. Many people would imagine that washing-off the color with normal shampoo would do the trick. However, this is not the solution.

You need a gentle shampoo that is designed to be used for washing off color on color treated hair. These shampoos have got enhanced formulas that are effective in removing color on the hair but are also very gentle. Look out for shampoos that are sulphate free and they will do the job just fine.
When using these sulphate free shampoos you will notice that the shampoo does not form sudsy lather but rest assured the shampoo is working perfectly.

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One of the main causes of hair thinning and hair loss is aging. If you want to maintain thick, vibrant hair then you must be ready to deal with the aging issue. You might end up spending so much money on products that are not effective when the main problem is aging hair.

In this case, you acquire anti-aging shampoos which are designed to help aging hair maintain the thick and vibrant look.

Outdoor activities

One other major cause of hair thinning are outdoor activities such as swimming and sun bathing. These activities have a long term effect on your hair, making hair thin and dry. You therefore need to protect your hair when frequently engaging in outdoor activities.

Suitable shampoos in this case would be shampoos with UV filters as well as shampoos rich in vitamins C, E and B-5.

My Choice

Many hair thickening shampoos are quite similar and this might pose a challenge when one wants to choose the best shampoo for their hair.

However, below I am going to help you choose the best shampoo for your hair focussing mainly on three aspects about hair shampoo.

These aspects are:

  • General ingredients: These are the ingredients used to make the shampoo. This will help you know whether the shampoo is natural or not.
  • Ability to lather: Shampoos that lather well are easy to apply and generally more effective as they penetrate the hair better right into the scalp.
  • How effective the shampoo works: All other factors normally wind down to how well the shampoo works, and hence it is important to know the effectiveness of the shampoo

I am also going to review three shampoo types narrowing down on the above three aspects.


Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo

Moroccan Argan shampoo is made up of argan oil as well as other ingredients such as Vitamin E, fatty acids that are essential as well as carotene.

The essence of argan oil in this shampoo is to help remove sebum which often clogs the hair follicles restricting hair growth. The fatty acids on the other hand help keep the scalp moist or oily and thus help prevent excessive dryness. The shampoo is thus a hundred percent natural.

Majestic Pure Hair Loss and Hair Regrowth Shampoo

Majestic Pure shampoo is made 100% from natural ingredients.

The herbal formula used in making this shampoo is very safe and contains a number of clinically proven ingredients so as to keep your hair strong and healthy.

If you like going natural, then this would be a better shampoo for then Moroccan Argan shampoo due to the herbal formula used and the many DHT blockers that it has.

DermaChange Hair Growth Organic Shampoo and Conditioner Set

Dermachange organic shampoo and conditioner is made up of 100% organic ingredients free from all kinds of harmful and harsh chemicals.

One of the main strengths of this shampoo is that it has been made using pH formula so as to enhance hair growth on the scalp.

Compared to the first two products, this shampoo is gentler on the skin but Majestic pure shampoo would be the best choice due to the effective herbal formulae.


Moroccan Argan shampoo is sulphates free and hence does not really lather well. Though results on the hair will be evident, the shampoo simply doesn’t leather as you would expect.

Majestic Pure shampoo has a greasy texture and lathers quite better than the first product. In terms of lathering this performs way better than Moroccan Argan shampoo.

Dermachange organic shampoo is sulphate free but has got coconut oil extract instead which allows the shampoo to lather very well. Compared to the first two products, this shampoo lathers the best.

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Moroccan Argan shampoo delivers results well but would require prolonged use before the user can see the results.

Majestic Pure shampoo also works quite well and is in fact better than the first product. The 14 DHT blockers present in this product promotes hair growth by de-clogging the hair follicles.

Dermachange organic shampoo is gentle on the scalp and is specifically formulated to help strengthen brittle and weak hair. This shampoo works very fast and would be the best option compared to the other two.

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Of all the above three hair thickening shampoos, I would recommend Dermachange organic shampoo.

This is because the shampoo is 100% natural as stated on the reviews, it is also gentle on the skin, lathers very well and is the most effective among the three shampoos reviewed.

All the above shampoos are made up of pure natural ingredients and although its herbal formulae is not the best, this shampoo works quite well.

The shampoo is also versatile and can be used on a number of hair types and would also be able to sort out several hair needs just as stated above on tips to consider when choosing the best hair thickening shampoo.

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