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How Long Does Hair Dye Lasts?

How long does hair dye last? There is no definite answer to that. There are many factors to consider like: Type of hair color (permanent or semi/demi-permanent) The choice of color (reddish colors may fade faster than other colors)And the rate of hair growth (new hair growth calls for a retouch) There are good ways […]

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Does Sunscreen Prevent Tanning?

I am one of you who do not want to get a tan but loves to do activities outdoors and love the feel of the sun kissing my skin. So, I tried to look for answer to my question, does sunscreen prevent tanning? And from what I learned, unfortunately, it will not. Let me tell […]

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EWCM After Ovulation – What Does it Mean?

Before, during and after ovulation, your body’s hormone levels fluctuate greatly. Estrogen (or Oestrogen) and progesterone levels rise and fall resulting in different frequencies and types of cervical mucus. Normally, the body prepares itself for ovulation by producing a particular type of mucus called EWCM (egg white cervical mucus).Every woman’s cervix produces different kinds of mucus […]

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