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How to Use Argan Oil for Hair Loss and Does It Help Your Scalp?

Ever experienced hair loss or hair thinning? Ever wondered what might just be your solution to your situation?

Hair loss or hair thinning can be a traumatic thing as I can attest. It usually starts with increased amount of hair left on your hair comb and in the bathroom sink.

When this happens, you may go into denial. I can’t be losing hair, you say. But the amount of hair on the sink increases as the one on your hair thins out, and at that point, you have to take decisive action.

At that point, you should turn to argan oil for your hair loss. It is a wonder-working oil that will not only promote the growth of new hair, it will also ensure the hair is healthy and thick looking.

Over the last couple of years, we have seen the demand for argan oil rocket as beauticians and dermatologists alike recommend it for various reasons.

What Is Argan Oil?

Argan oil is extracted from the fruits of argan trees. These trees are found almost solely in Morocco. The oil is composed of fatty acids, carotenes, topherols, squalene and natural phenols that offer great benefit to hair follicles.

The use of argan oil stretches back many centuries, and it has always been used to treat a variety of skin related ailments.

Top 7 Benefits Of Argan Oil For Hair Loss

You have known what argan oil is, now let go through 7 ways that you can use argan oil for your hair and scalp, plus the method and receipt. You can apply it after reading this article.

1. Argan oil for Scalp Treatment

While balding may not have started yet, certain sorts conditions of the scalp are forerunners for male pattern baldness.

However, the good news is that Argan oil has been made to treat such conditions, along these lines forestalling the loss of hair.

Psoriasis, dermatitis, dry scalp, dandruff or seborrhea (exorbitantly slick scalp) would all be able to bring about bothersome, smoldering, dry scalp and will, at last, obstruct hair follicles as well as add to the loss of hair.

Argan oil should be used to treat these hidden scalp conditions in order to avert balding

  • Begin by shedding the scalp so as to unblock the blocked hair follicles, cleanse and dry the hair
  • Then apply a couple drops of the oil into the scalp for about ten minutes twice or thrice a week
  • Proceed with this treatment until you start seeing positive results of the scalp diminishing
  • Afterward you can massage a couple drops of the oil once per week onto the scalp

As a Treatment Oil for Dry Scalp

As this oil is an awesome hair moisturizer, you can utilize it as your hair treatment oil as well. Utilizing this on your scalp will nourish your hair and diminish dry scalp.

Argan oil can be straightforwardly applied to your scalp. You can likewise utilize it as the warm oil for the best positive results.

  • Warm around half a cup of argan oil. Apply about 4 to 10 drops onto your scalp and massage well. You can apply some oil on your hair as well
  • Next, put a shower cap and leave the oil on your hair a couple of hours before cleanser. You can likewise abandon it overnight in the event that
  • you have dandruff or dry scalp.
  • Do this treatment twice every week to dispose of dandruff.

Argan oil will take out dandruff and other scalp conditions. Scalp develop that contains DHT will harm hair follicle development and clearing this up will help hair growth.

2. Maintaining a healthy scalp environment
Numerous masters on the topic of hair loss emphasize the significance of a nourished and sound scalp in the treatment of male pattern baldness.

Utilizing this oil after a ketoconazole treatment is a fantastic approach to attain an environment helpful for new hair development

3. Promotes hair growth and promotes blood circulation to the scalp

Argan oil empowers generation of keratin, crucial to new hair growth. Ongoing studies have demonstrated that stimulating the scalp with argan oil advances new hair development.

The improved blood flow to the scalp can help hair follicles get the supplements they need to keep developing.

4. Healing Argan Oil Hair Treatment

In the event that your hair is dry and inert, then utilize this oil to knead your scalp. You can likewise abandon it overnight for the best results.

Hot oil treatment is a successful answer for nourishing dry and harmed hair. Argan oil has positive results in making damaged hair shiny, soft and hydrated.

hair style man

5. Split end and frizziness treatment

Say, for instance, you are encountering diminishing hair and are on a balding treatment administration. Diminishing hair is more inclined to a crimped and rumpled appearance.

One of the best things you can accomplish for your hair is guarantee that this new hair that grows back develops in health and strength. Argan oil makes the hair you currently to have improved aesthetically.

6. After Bath hair Conditioner

In the wake of cleaning up, you can utilize a couple drops of this oil on your hair as a live-in conditioner. Apply while your hair is still wet for the best results.

The hydrating and saturating properties of this oil will work magnificently on your skin and hair. It is an awesome item for the individuals who routinely style their hair utilizing a twist or straight iron.

7. Hair Styling Product

Rather than utilizing those high chemical hair styling items, utilize this natural oil to style your hair consistently. Hair styling items frequently contain unforgiving chemicals that influence the natural sparkle of the hair.

Redundant use of chemicals on hair will harm hair follicles and the keratin protein naturally occurring in human hair.

In any case, this oil fills in as an enchantment on your hair. It viably enhances your hair’s composition by minimizing frizz and making sparkle. Just a couple drops of argan oil will last the entire day and leave your hair looking incredible.

Scalp Exfoliate Before Applying Argan Oil

Prior to applying argan oil, your scalp must be exfoliated with the specific end goal to unclog every follicle so the argan oil can infiltrate. For this task, you require a specially-formulated product to remove ecological contaminations, get rid of the hair styling products build up and eliminate the excessive sebum.

  • While following directions from the exfoliating, cleansing your hair, ideally with an argan-oil based cleanser, and then dry it.
  • Put a couple drops of the oil on your fingertips and tenderly massage into your scalp in a circular movement
  • Start at your hairline’s front and then work towards your head and after that down on every side and the back
  • Do this for fifteen minutes.

This will cause the oil to infiltrate your whole scalp for so it can animate the blood stream to your scalp and onto to your hair’s follicles.

Repeat this procedure thrice a week to end male pattern baldness progression and in addition to helping your hair re-develop.

You can style your hair thereafter. See how your hair turns into somewhat more manageable subsequent to following this procedure.

Benefit Of Argan Oil For Skin

Argan oil as a nighttime moisturizer

When applied to the skin, argan oil is quickly and completely absorbed by the skin and hence does not leave an oily residue. The absence of an oil residue is a big plus for the skin as oily residues usually clog pores and hence result in acne/zit formation. Cleanse your face and pour one or two drops of the oil onto your palm for warming. Massage gently and in a circular motion on your face and neck.

Argan oil for skin toning

All the natural phenols found in argan oil help tone the skin. A uniformly toned skin will have a uniform completion, giving you that glow you have always admire. Add two to four drops of argan oil to your preferred toner and wait to see the benefits.

Stretch marks removal

Argan oil has been known to increase the elasticity of the skin and this helps reduce the amount of stretch marks on your skin. Vitamin A and E found in the oil completely rejuvenates the skin and hence preventing stretch marks before they form. Weekly application of two to four drops of argan oil will be sufficient for this task.

Possible Side Effects Of Argan Oil

There are no known or published acute effects of argan oil. This is unless you have an allergy to the oil. It is also good to ensure that you use pure argan oil products as the impure products can have adverse effects on the skin.

You can test whether you are allergic to a certain argan oil product by first testing on a small section.

If you feel any irritation or otherwise an uncomfortable feeling, you should discontinue use at once and look for other ways to counter your hair loss. Such an example is olive oil.

Pure argan oil is silky and smooth, and it gets easily absorbed into the skin. It is not completely clear but is a bit cloudy and may contain sediment at the base.

You should ensure that that the argan oil you purchase is not stored in a clear container as the light degrades the quality of the oil. It should be stored in dark colored containers or aluminum or stainless bottles.


I felt obligated to deliver this article to you because it may help you like it did me. I hope you enjoyed reading it as I enjoyed delivering it.

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