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How to Use Acupressure Treatment for Hair Loss (You will be astonished to know how simple it is!)

What is Acupressure?

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Acupressure is an ancient form of alternative therapy, which has gained immense popularity in the past few decades.

This process involves applying pressure on certain points in your body, which are considered to be the lines for the flow of energy. The pressure points are usually present on the soles of the feet and palms.

That is why, acupressure experts advise people to massage their feet to get rid of their health problems including hair loss, thyroid disorders, arthritis, hypertension, menstrual problems, and diabetes.

How do Acupressure and Foot Massage Help in Treating Hair Loss?

The prime action of Acupressure in treating hair fall lays in its ability to stimulate the blood vessels in the scalp.

This clears the energy at the center of your body.

Foot massage also helps to remove the other causes of hair loss namely dandruff and the build-up of the dead skin cells on the scalp

Foot massage at the pressure points also helps to improve the blood circulation in the face and scalp, and promotes flushing out of the toxins from the body.

foot massage pressure points

We all know that toxins in the environment, food, cosmetics and other commercial products to which our body is exposed to almost every minute are the major causes of hair loss.

Foot massage, by eliminating these toxins, cleans your blood and stimulates healthy growth of hair
Stress, another common reason for hair fall, is also taken care of by foot massage. Acupressure at some specific points on the soles helps you feel calm and relaxed thereby reducing your stress.

Massaging these points produces a soothing action on your nerves and results in the release of energy in your body. This helps in preventing the stress-induced hair loss.

Which are The Best Pressure Points for Foot Massage for Hair Loss?
Foot massage for hair loss involves exerting mild and continuous pressure on the specific points on the soles using your fingers, or knuckle. You can also use the end of a smooth stick to apply firm pressure to that area.

The specific pressure points for foot massage are as follows:

  • The middle part of the sole
  • The area just beneath the root of the great toe
  • The part that lies to the inner side of the middle part of the sole

Another way of practicing foot massage is stepping on pebbles or a golf ball with your bare feet.

Is Acupressure Safe?

Acupressure is completely safe for the people of all ages. However, people with high blood pressure should refrain from undergoing acupressure therapy with food massage.

Pregnant women should also avoid this therapy as exerting pressure on specific acupressure points can cause miscarriage.

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Quick points to remember

  • You can do foot massage several times a day as and when possible. “The more you do, the faster will be the results”
  • You can combine acupressure foot massage with a head massage for better results

Foot massages at acupressure points is a simple and effective way to treat hair fall. Acupressure treatment for hair loss activates the self-healing power of the body and tackles the root cause of the problem from within.

Do try this method for hair loss and bask in the glory of shiny and long tresses. I hope you will achieve the desired results with this self-therapy. Do leave your comment to let me know your experience.

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